Get Out The Vote For Justice Bradley

We here in Wisconsin take pride in our long tradition of fairness and impartiality when it comes to our judicial system.  We believe that those cornerstones provide for the equal justice we deserve as citizens of our great state.  Over the last several years we have seen how dark money and hyper partisanship erode all levels of our democracy and threaten the neutrality of our courts.
That is why we strongly urge you to fight back by getting out the vote for Justice Ann Walsh Bradley.  For 19 years she has exemplified the values we hold most dear when it comes the highest court in our state.  
To join the virtual phone bank for Justice Bradley, contact Chris Chapek <>
Check out Justice Bradley's website,, and follow her Facebook page,, to keep up to date on GOTV efforts in your area.
We would also urge you to vote NO on Question 1.
Vote April 7th!

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