Time to focus on Wisconsin's priorities

Rep. Riemer: Time to focus on Wisconsin's priorities

Contact: Riemer, (608) 266-1733

State Representative Daniel Riemer (D – Milwaukee) released the following statement on today’s State Assembly floor agenda: 

“When I talk with constituents in their homes and in the community, never has anyone told me they want more money in our elections. Instead, they talk about the need for family supporting jobs. I hear about the need for affordable health care so when people get sick, they can see a doctor or a nurse instead of facing daunting medical bills. They talk to me about how it can be a struggle to find affordable child care, and how they want the public school down the street to have the best teachers and be safe for their children. Not once has a constituent or a voter expressed a desire to expand unlimited corporate money in our politics. 

“Republicans in the legislature focus solely on making sure corporations can donate unlimited amounts to campaigns, ensuring there is more undisclosed money spent on elections, and dismantling the agency tasked with making sure everyone is playing by the rules. I will stay focused on working hard for what the people of Wisconsin care about: jobs with good paying wages, strong public schools, and affordable health care for everyone in this state.”


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