Websites and Yard Signs

Websites and Yard Signs

Dear Southwest Dems members,

Thanks for your continued support. It is because of members like you that we have been able to upgrade our digital presence in the last month. In addition to our new social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, we have rolled out our new website last week.  In order to continue our growth and to facilitate electoral success, please direct your friends and neighbors to these great online tools.  

We have yard signs available!  Email us at and we will deliver one to your house.  

Vote November 7th for Ann Walsh Bradley and vote NO on Question 1!

Tuesday evening, March 31st, Citizens Coalition will be hosting a panel discussion titled Schools Defunded-Now What? at the Franklin Public Library.  If you are interested in finding out more about what the Walker Budget means for education in our state, we encourage you to attend.  Program begins at 6pm.

If you are interested in volunteering and keeping up with news and initiatives, visit our website.

With gratitude,

The growing Southwest Regional Democratic Organization team

Member Spotlight

David Pettersen

One year after running for school board in Greenfield, David is closing out his first year at University of Wisconsin.  Besides keeping up with his school work, David has put in time volunteering for Mary Burke and Ann Walsh Bradley and attending public lectures around Madison.



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