Weekly Update April 26th, 2015

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The 2015 DPW 5th Congressional District Convention

Fighting For Our Progressive Values

Candidates Make Their Pitch, New Leadership Team Elected

The 5th Congressional District has had a big year, and that was evident at today's convention.  For the second year in a row the convention broke previous attendance records.  The delegates had the opportunity to hear from all the candidates for state party chair as well as the candidates for first vice chair.  A number of issues were discussed including how balloting at the state convention works, the damaging effects of the proposals in Walker's budget, and how we will move our party forward in the coming years.

The delegates also elected new officers for the next two years.

Chair                     Kristin Hansen (Waukesha)

Vice Chair                  Khary Penebaker (Waukesha)

2nd Vice Chair/Assistant Treasurer    Peggy Slez (Waukesha)               

Admin Committee Rep             Robert Hansen (Milwaukee)

Secretary                   Johnny Zagrodnik (Milwaukee)

Treasurer                  Rod Bartlow (Washington)

Sergeant at Arms               Lillian Cheesman (Milwaukee)  

P &R 3 year                 Susan Hotz  (Waukesha)

P &R  1 year                 Thomas Schmidt, Sr. (Dodge)


Earlier this week legislation was introduced in the Senate that would allow the Obama Administration Fast Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We are encouraging our members to take a strong stand against this trade pact, which is often referred to as NAFTA on steroids.  For more information on TPP, and how it will endanger good paying American jobs, please visit Public Citizen's website.
"it's hard to understand the history of Wisconsin when you spend more time laying off history teachers than listening to them." - Tammy Baldwin , at Founders Day
At this year's Founders Day Dinner, party members and progressive allies had the opportunity to hear from one of the country's most outspoken progressives, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.  Mayor de Blasio pulled no punches when he spoke about the damage the republicans have caused our state and rallied the crowd to keep up the fight to protect working families.

News Highlights

Obama Just Burned GOP Climate Deniers In "Anger Translator" Rant


After four years in office, Walker blames state's sluggish economy on ex-Gov. Jim Doyle and former Democratic leaders

Wisconsin Has Seen Largest Middle-Class Decline Of Any State, Study Finds

Bernie Sanders 'Days' Away From Presidential Decision


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