Weekly update April 5th, 2015

Tuesday is election day.  Let's all get out and vote for Ann Walsh Bradley and vote NO on Question 1!
There are a number of other races on the ballot, specifically for school boards.  We have received no recommendations from members for any of these races and will therefore not be making any endorsements.  We suggest that if you live in the Greendale, Franklin, West Allis/West Milwaukee, or Whitnall districts, check your local My Community Now for information about candidates for these races.

April Membership Meeting

Join us Wednesday April 8th for our regular monthly meeting. This month we welcome three candidates for DPW Chair, Martha Laning for WisconsinJeff Smith for DPW Chair, and Joe Wineke for Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair. Bring your questions and ideas as we discuss how we will move our party forward in the coming years.

Wednesday April 8th at 7pm
Greendale Public Library
5647 Broad St.

You can RSVP by clicking HERE.

In this season of renewal and rebirth, we would like to thank you all for your dedication and hard work as we strive toward to improving the lives of those around us in an effort to bring lasting peace to our world.
In honor of our LGBT brothers and sisters in states pushing right to discriminate laws, here is a throwback photo from this past summer's Pride Parade.  
From left to right, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee Dems Membership Secretary Karen Kirsch, State Senator Tim Carpenter, Southwest Dems Chair and Greenfield School Board Member Rob Hansen, 5th Congressional District Candidate Chris Rockwood.
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