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Scott Walker and the Fate of the Union


On his first day of work in three months, Randy Bryce asked his foreman for the next day off. He wanted to go to the Capitol in Madison, Wis., and testify against a proposed law. Bryce, a member of Milwaukee Ironworkers Local 8, was unloading truckloads of steel beams to build a warehouse near Kenosha, and he needed the job. He has an 8-year-old son, his debts were piling up and a 10-hour shift paid more than $300. But the legislation, which Republicans were rushing through the State Senate, angered him enough to sacrifice the hours. Supporters called it a “right to work” bill, because it prohibited unions from requiring employees to pay dues. But to Bryce, that appealing name hid the true purpose of the bill, which was to destroy unions.

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What will become of Wisconsin's teachers?


In the Joint Finance Committee, late in the night, a stab was taken at Wisconsin's public education. The committee decided that the Department of Public Instruction was not able to come up with its own requirements.

What does a teacher's license have to do with the state budget, other than Gov. Scott Walker trying to "dumb down" Wisconsin? Why is the finance committee taking up a policy related to a department that has its own administrators?

The Department of Public Instruction has had an exemption in its licensing process for many, many years. It is called an emergency license. Certified teachers, those who have college degrees and are licensed teachers, are allowed to teach in an area in which they are not certified, as long as the district can prove that they can't find a qualified teacher.

What is happening to this great state of Wisconsin? Are our public schools still top in the nation? Have we ever seen so many teachers leave their jobs?

I'm so happy to see some students wanting to be teachers. I hope and pray that they will continue in a difficult but rewarding occupation. I can only believe that change will come, before Wisconsin is again faced with a teacher shortage.

Debbie Dreher,



Senate support for Scott Walker's budget is razor thin 

Gov. Scott Walker's budget hangs by a gossamer thread in the GOP-controlled state Senate, where "no" votes from just three lawmakers within his own party would be enough to derail his spending plan. 

Already, two conservative Republican senators have made clear they will be extremely difficult — perhaps impossible — for Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) to win over without knocking moderate senators from their party out of the yes column in the process.

The budget deadline is barely two weeks away, Walker is traveling in Canada and Fitzgerald has no margin for error — right now almost every one of the 19 Republicans in the 33-member Senate can be seen as the deciding vote for the bill.

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Lawmakers want to end tax that hits highest-income earners


As GOP lawmakers are cutting the University of Wisconsin System by $250 million, they are working on a plan to eliminate a tax that hits a slice of taxpayers who typically earn $200,000 to $500,000 annually.

Rep. Evan Goyke (D-Milwaukee) said Republicans should be helping average taxpayers, not high-income individuals. The latest plan is in keeping with how Republicans have structured past tax cuts, he said.

"That would just to me seem to double down or triple down on incredibly bad tax policy," Goyke said of the latest tax plan.

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What is driving Scott Walker's war on Wisconsin universities


Scott Walker’s war on Wisconsin’s public colleges will result in lower quality and higher debt for students and families, which is precisely what his right wing political patrons at the Bradley Foundation have been planning for decades.

Scott Walker’s war on Wisconsin colleges and universities has been a hallmark of his tenure as Wisconsin's Governor. However, the coordinated political attack on higher education in Wisconsin we see today did not start with Scott Walker. Walker is instituting an ideological agenda laid out by his political benefactors, the Bradley Foundation, as far back as twenty years ago.

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Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) schools 
willfully ignorant Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) 
over Obamacare lies

By Egberto Willies
Ways and Means Committee Chairman Congressman Paul Ryan had one of his unscheduled Obamacare bashing hearings this week. He continued to misinform with an opening speech that showed that the congressman and his ilk continue to put politics over the well-being of Americans.

Paul Ryan claimed that the answer is to repeal and replace the law. Yet, Republicans have had over five years to come up with something different that could reduce the deficit, provide healthcare, and remain completely private. The reason they cannot is that Obamacare used Republican tenets to build Obamacare, a private based system. Had the President implemented Medicare for all (single payer) by getting rid of insurance companies that continue to skim up to 20% of premiums for false overhead and profits, they could demagogue and attempt to change it to a more inefficient system. That was the genius of Obamacare. It was built on the Conservative Heritage Foundation principles that most Republicans once supported along with a dose of progressive middle-class protections.

"So whatever the Supreme Court decides later this month," Paul Ryan said. "I think the lesson is absolutely clear. Obamacare is just flat busted. It just doesn't work. And no fix can change that fact."

That statement makes Congressman Paul Ryan a liar. There is enough data to prove that statement is a lie. Paul Ryan knows that statement is a lie. The media knows that statement is a lie. Yet very few have made Paul Ryan or Republicans pay for those lies.

Congressman Sander Levin's response was calm and concise. It is easy when you are speaking from a position of truth.

"What's busted is not ACA But your attacks on it, endless attacks."Sander Levin said calmly and deliberately. "Never coming up with a single comprehensive alternative all these year. So you sit as armchair critics while millions of people have insurance who never had it before. Millions of kids have insurance who would not otherwise have had it. People who have preexisting conditions no longer are cancelled or can't even get insurance. The donut hole is gone. Millions of people in lower income categories are now insured through Medicaid, millions and millions and millions. Cost containment is beginning to work. The increase in cost net rate is going down. And so you are livid because it is getting better. That's why you are livid. ... And the states that are denying their citizens further coverage under Medicaid, are essentially telling people, well get lost when it comes to healthcare. .. And you have a governor Mr. Chairman, who is running around this country talking about the evils of healthcare when millions of people are benefiting from what happened. ... Your frustration is millions and millions and millions of people are benefiting, have healthcare when they did not before."


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