Weekly Update May 10th 2015

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Happy Mother's Day!

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. –Washington Irving


Join Us Wednesday Evening For Our Monthly Meeting

Greendale Public Library
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Wisconsin GOP Pushes Food Stamp Shellfish Ban

Wisconsin Republicans are pushing legislation to restrict what poor people can buy with food stamps. 

On Wednesday, a public benefits committee of the Wisconsin State Legislature approved a bill that would require food stamp beneficiaries to use two-thirds of their monthly allotment on healthy foods approved for a separate and much smaller federal nutrition program that serves pregnant women and moms with new babies. The billwould also prohibit them from buying "crab, lobster, shrimp, or any other shellfish." 

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as FoodShare in Wisconsin, serves 46 million Americans nationwide and 800,000 Wisconsinites. It allows the purchase of any food product except alcohol or hot prepared meals. -Continue Reading

Auditors: No New Money For State Budget

Wisconsin tax collections won't grow beyond earlier projections, state lawmakers were told Wednesday, forcing Republican legislative leaders to consider an accounting move to fulfill their promises to undo Gov. Scott Walker's proposed $127 million cut to public schools.

The news was a blow to the Republican governor, who has been forced to defend the unpopular budget cuts while preparing for a likely presidential run. Walker and lawmakers had been saying for months that they were anticipating higher tax collections to help mitigate the governor's budget cuts to K-12 schools and the University of Wisconsin System. - Continue Reading

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